Welcome to Twin City Supply

Welcome to Twin City Supply! As Summer turns to fall, we welcome you to our website. Lots happening here at Twin City Supply! We welcome Wholesalers, Jewelers, Watchmakers, Students, Craftspeople, Hobbyists, Collectors, & Retailers to our site.

Our Big News is that we will be moving at the end of September to a new location! Please follow along on the site for more information as we get closer to the moving date! We are really excited about our new location-- it is easy to find, lots of free parking, and many nice restaurants nearby. You may download our Moving Flyer, and map, on our Current PDF Ads & Information tab.

Most prices you see are our everyday low prices. Some items, such as watches & watchbands, are shown at retail. For stores and authorized customers wishing to purchase at wholesale pricing, you must first be registered, then logged in as a wholesaler & be approved to see and purchase off of the wholesale tab. Please allow us up to 24 hours to set you up for this on the back end.


Customers already having a Twin City Supply Open account can choose the option, "bill to my existing account" In this case, You would already have an account set up, that might look like this example, for Snyder Repair of Lawrence, Kansas:: SNYLKS. No need to use a credit card-- unless you want to.


In some instances, especially International shipping, we may need to contact you after you check out for additional shipping. The web site does not properly charge correct shipping for some items. In General, orders under $50.00 will ship by US mail, orders over $50.00 will ship UPS. Heavy items, under $50.00, may need to be shipped UPS, and in that case, we will contact you. International customers are advised to check with us prior to ordering. In Great Britain, we have an issue with the "States" Field-- please enter your information in the comments field.


Concerning watch material, we do not supply parts to end users for their own watches. Please do not ask us for stems, crowns, crystals, or gaskets for your own personal watch. We want you to work with a jeweler or watchmaker in your area who can order from us & install exactly what you need. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to helping you!